South Wangaratta Hall

As the population of the South Wangaratta district grew it was decided to build a public hall using voluntary labour.
On 24th March 1921 plans for the hall and outbuildings were sent to the Department of Public Health. It was proposed that the building be of iron and timber construction, with internal partition walls lined but not ceiled and louvres be installed at the ends of the main walls.

The site was on the corner of Main Sydney Road and Colsons Lane (now Gravel Pit Road). The land for the hall was sold to the hall committee by the owner Mr. T. Witherow, who donated the proceeds of the sale back to hall funds. He also gave permission for the tennis club to build tennis courts beside the hall, on his property.

By November 1921, at a cost of £700, the building was nearly completed and a social was arranged for the 30th November.
A "Knight Light" air gas plant for lighting was installed.
On 7th December 1921, "The Argus" reported that the new hall had been officially opened by Councillor G. Handle. However, in February 1922 the final inspection of the hall noted that all was satisfactory, except, that the placing of the Knight Light generator in the dressing rooms couldn't be approved and it had to be located outside. In June 1922 it was relocated under the water tank at the rear of the hall.

After completion of the hall, meetings, concerts, church services and dances no longer had to be held at the school. The community now had a dedicated centre for social activities.

In April 1922 plans were submitted for a kitchen to be built 10 feet from the western wall of the hall. It was to be a 20' x 14' room, unlined with a concrete floor and an open fire-place with a set-in copper.
Further improvement of the facility came on the 10th September 1930 when a galvanised iron-clad supper room was erected adjoining the kitchen. The Shire of Wangaratta approved the new supper room building and it was officially opened on the 4th November 1930.

After a proposal in 1952 to connect electricity to the hall, by 15th October 1953 H. G. Wohlers had completed the electrical work.

On 21st May 1963 plans were submitted for a septic system and toilet block. This work was completed and the new toilets were opened on 19th March 1965.

The hall continued as a popular venue for a variety of activities, but flooding of the Three Mile Creek in 1974, and again in 1993 and 1998 caused considerable damage and it became too costly for continual repairs and maintenance. As a result the hall was demolished.

South Wangaratta Hall

South Wangaratta Hall

South Wangaratta Hospital Ball 1937

Hospital Ball at South Wangaratta Hall
7th September 1937