Northern Sandalwood

Santalum Lanceolatum
The Northern Sandalwood,  “Santalum Lanceolatum"  is a shrub or small tree, 2 -8 metres high with highly aromatic wood.  The fruit is edible and in some states it is called the Plum Bush and the Native Plum.
It occurs in woodlands in all mainland states, on sandhills and rocky outcrops.  Only seven, widely-separated, sites are in Victoria, one of which is in the Warby Ranges.
The Northern Sandalwood is parasitic on the roots of other plants, therefore grazing of associated vegetation is a significant and an  ongoing threat to the species.  Rabbit control has shown an increase in the Sandalwood population.
There are now an estimated 65 plants in the Warbys, but most are small, only 2 metres, or less in height.
The Northern Sandalwood was listed as threatened in 1988.


Northern Sandalwood, Warby Ranges 2014