Spur-wing Wattle

Acacia Triptera

Acacia Triptera, the Spur Wing wattle, occurs in NSW and Queensland on gravel ridges, in Victoria it is a rare plant but does grow in the Warby Ranges.
It is a dry-country shrub, 1 -3 metres high and can be upright with low spreading branches.  The leaves are stiff and taper to a sharp point.  “Triptera” means 3 winged, which describes the leaf base on the stem, like a wing.
This wattle is a beautiful, lesser-known one with 2.5 cm long flower spikes in a soft, rich yellow.
Amongst the other 14, or so, acacias found in the Warby Ranges are;
  • Acacia Implexa  (Lightwood)
  • Acacia Buxifolia  (Box leaf wattle)
  • Acacia Verniciflua  (Varnish wattle)
  • Acacia Melanoxylon  (Black wattle)
  • Acacia Dealbata  (Silver wattle)
  • Acacia Pycnantha  (Golden wattle)    
  • Acacia Rubida (Red stemmed wattle)

Spur-wing Wattle Acacia Triptera

Acacia Triptera (Spur Wing wattle)