South Wangaratta Quarry

The old South Wangaratta Quarry is situated about half way up, on the eastern slopes of the Warby Ranges.  It is accessible from the Sunrise Walking Track.
The quarry stone is composite Warby (Wangaratta) granite of a pink–grey tint, also described as reddish-purple in colour.
The original Holy Trinity Church celebrated its Jubilee in 1906.  From these celebrations the response of contributions, for a new church, were very promising, and, so it was then decided to build it from stone with an interior of brick patterned in black.
Architects Butler and Bradshaw submitted their design, which was accepted, and a contract was let to a Mr. McKnokiter, a builder from Melbourne, for approximately £5000.
The Warby granite was hand chiselled on site and each stone was numbered.
Building work for the Cathedral began in mid 1908, and on December 16th 1908 the memorial stone, for the first section, was unveiled by Bishop Greene of Ballarat.
The opening and dedication of the church took place on the festival of St. Bartholomew, August 24th 1909.
The second section of the Cathedral was commenced in August 1922.  Mr. Butler was the architect and director, while Mr. McKnokiter  superintended the building works.  Both gentlemen had been part of the building process for the first section.  Once again the Warby granite was hand cut and numbered.
The second stage of the building was completed by June 1924, at a cost of £18000.
The third building stage started with pilot sketches in 1957.  The architect was Louis Williams and the contract was let to L.H. Brown Constructions in 1961.
Standard Quarries of Footscray were let the contract for quarrying, shaping and delivering the required stone.  The stone was transported to Melbourne for cutting and dressing and then brought back to Wangaratta.  This delivery process was very slow and caused many problems for the builders.
The stone masonry and the brick work, of the Cathedral, are recognised as being of a very high quality.
The new Cathedral was dedicated in 1965 by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsay.

McKnockiters Quarry, South Wangaratta Quarry

South Wangaratta Quarry (McKnockiter's Quarries)

South Wangaratta Quarry

South Wangaratta Quarry 2014

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Holy Trinity Cathedral, Wangaratta